We are the leading data indexing solution for Polkadot, Avalanche, and Terra - providing tools for hundreds of teams, networks, and dApps around the ecosystem.

Come work for a team that values autonomy and flexibility, where we work hard to achieve the same goal, and where the results of our work are being used daily by thousands of customers around the world.

How fast can you learn?

It's not about what degrees you have or what you already know, what matters is how quickly you can learn and how readily you seek and share knowledge. We don’t expect you to know how a blockchain network works, not many do! You need to be willing to constantly learning fast, things change quickly in blockchain and new ideas are constantly considered.

Collaboration comes first

We are working on the leading edge of computing, we're devising solutions for problems that haven't been solved before, and we're trying to change the world. You need to be able to communicate and collaborate, to share ideas and work on a common solution that solves our customers problems in a decentralised and highly scalable way.

Work on your own terms

Our company and team work flexibly, as long as you can contribute and achieve your goals then you location or working hours don’t matter. You can work from home when you need to focus or come into our office when you want to collaborate and learn. We like to get together every couple of weeks in our office though so ideally you’re based in or close to New Zealand

Global customer outlook

Almost all the thousands of SubQuery customers are based overseas. We are constantly building software and processes for huge scale while maintaining the excellent relationships with our customers.

Office locations

- Auckland (New Zealand)

- Singapore

- Lisbon (Portugal) - coming soon