About OnFinality

OnFinality is an organisation dedicated to providing key infrastructure services to the Blockchain community. OnFinality, is a growing organisation based in Auckland providing web3 services to the world.

OnFinality’s aim is to support growing teams with infrastructure and API services. We provide easy to use infrastructure automation tools to reduce the amount of time development teams need to spend managing and deploying infrastructure. We also provide free mission-critical public services to various networks via our API service (providing over 1 billion API requests each day). We work closely with some of the largest blockchains and protocols across the world.

About the Role

We’re looking for an entrepreneurial individual to lead our new staking division at OnFinality with the goal of becoming the largest staking provider across Polkadot and other supported networks.

OnFinality works closely with the infrastructure teams behind some of the newest layer-1s including Polkadot, Avalanche, Terra, and more. We have three unfair advantages that will allow us to be successful in this area:

  • As an infrastructure business with a focus on high performance and reliable infrastructure, we have developed/implemented considerable monitoring and alerting tools to this infrastructure that can be applied to validators running in our platform.
  • We have relationships with most teams and are involved in the creation of nodes and validators even before the network goes live.
  • We receive early access to new tokens and these can be utilised or re-allocated into staking and combined with the resources of our investors and partners.

What you’ll be doing

  • You’ll be tasked with the goal of establishing a staking division within OnFinality and setting up the processes and tools required
  • You’ll help setup, run, monitor, and scale validator and collator nodes across our supported staking networks to maximise ROI
  • Working with our marketing team, you’ll be devising strategies to attract and onboard more nominators to our nodes
  • You’ll be constantly talking to partner networks and sharing your staking experience with them as part of our service
  • Define and measure success criteria to keep OnFinality in the lead in staking services

What we are looking for

  • Ideally you have experience setting up and even running a blockchain node before
  • You’re technical, able to setup validators/nodes using command line tools and monitor hardware, but also have a strategic mindset
  • You can lead, and over time will build a small team to help accelerate this initiative
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills to clearly communicate with our customers around the world
  • An ability to independently & quickly learn about technical concepts
  • You have an interest in working in a self organising environment and bring creativity to start your own initiatives within SubQuery
  • You thrive in a startup environment and feel best working in a small, cross-functional team where you can roll up your sleeves and be hands on